Shawn (hater) wrote,


My post on the journal list got pulled down again, they just didn't like what i was saying so they yanked me. If you believe in free speech email Patrick Cornwell or voice your opinion here. Check out this email string:

Hater:I would like an explanation as to why my journal was pulled off of your list. I wasn't breaking any rules, i wasn't even begging people to vote for me. Clearly i struck a cord with a lot of people because last time i checked i was at number four and pushing for number one, plus i had many clicks going out of the site, so even people outside of my audience were interested in what i had to say.

So it would seem that you just disagreed with me, so you shut me down. That is clear cut censorship and you should be ashamed of yourself. These
journals are nothing but self expression, why is it that i can't express my distaste for others on the list? I can't see how you could take me out, but leave in topless girls. No one asked me if i was 18 when i entered your site, hell my kids could easily be clicking through your site right now.

What are you going to do about that?

Patrick Cornwell: Terribly sorry you feel that way, but I wasn't going to tolerate someone who
is going out to make a point against my list, without even having the
decency to email me about my thoughts first. But as you were persistant,
irritating and plain rude, I banned you.

I wouldn't class this as censorship - merely myself being admin and keeping
everything tickety-boo.

Thank you.


P.S. I've been thinking about the issue of those who choose to display
themselves a bit too fully, and will be installing a warning page this
evening, upon anyone entering the list.'s definition -

cen�sor (snsr)

A person authorized to examine books, films, or other material and to remove or suppress what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise

Patrick Cornwell: I'm sorry, but quoting definitions at me isn't impressive.

Yes, I censored your babble by taking it off the list. Big deal - I remove offensive signups every day - it's part of the job. Call it a law, if you

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